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Each day we offer a wide selection of freshly baked pies. Our most popular pies, that are typically available every day, are marked with a star below. To submit a special order for a specific flavor, please call 24 hours in advance!


We cater lunches, dinners, weddings, business meetings, and provide box lunches.

To place a catering order please call us at (907) 677-7437.

Blueberry Pie

Fruit Pies


​Dutch Apple​​*

Marion (Black) Berry

Blueberry Rhubarb




​Red Raspberry


Strawberry Rhubarb*

Triple Berry​​*

Pumpkin ( $26.00)


Lemon Meringue Slice

More Pies

Key Lime*

Lemon Meringue 

Pecan* ( $28.00)


Pie Crimping

Alisa's Signature Pies

Alisa’s signature pies are baked in a glass pyrex pie dish—just like Grandma used to use! The glass dish absorbs heat particularly well, and we use extra butter, which ensures a golden brown and exceptionally flaky crust. Signature pies are 10” in diameter which is slightly larger than our standard 9” pies. Alisa’s Signature Pies are a great option for special events! Please order one day in advance.

$34 (+$9 refundable deposit)

Chocolate Whoopie Cream


Whoopie Pies $4*

​​​Small Cheesecake $12*

Large Cheesecake $49

Large Carrot Cake $ 38

​Small Carrot Cakes $11*

Peach Crisp $12*

Cookies $3.00*

​Brownies $3.50*

​Billionaire Bars $4.00*

Mini Banana Bread $4.00*

​​​Large Quiche $27 - BLT or Lorraine

Small Quiche $12


Chocolate Cream

Cream Pies

Banana Cream*

Chocolate Cream*

Coconut Cream*

Peanut Butter Cream*

​Lemon Cream 


Pecan Pie

Special Pies

Apple Streusel


Chocolate Pecan


Sweet Potato Pie



Savory Cornish Pasty

Cornish Pasties, which are hand-held meat pies, originated as an easily-transportable lunch for silver miners in Cornwall England. They are baked in a homemade flaky pie shell and filled with tasty ingredients including ground beef, diced potatoes, carrots, onions, rutabagas and parsnips.

Our savory options are ready for lunch at 11:30 AM! Please call ahead!


Espresso Shots


Available via our drive through window!

Cafe D’arte Espresso 

Drip Coffee

Indigo Teas

Lotus plant energy


coconut custard

Custard Pies

Coconut Custard*

Lemon Custard

​Egg Custard



Fruit Hand Pies





Chicken Pot Pie

Savory Pot Pies

Monday - Chicken Pot Pie

Tuesday - Shepard's Pie 

Wednesday - Chicken Pot Pie & Cornish Beef Pasties

Thursday - Mexican Pot Pie

Friday - Chef's Choice & Cornish Beef Pasties

Our savory options are ready for lunch at 11:30 AM! Please call ahead!


Dough Mixer


Gluten Free Crust, add $10 (via special order)


Sugar Free/Dairy Free, add $10 (via special order)

Alisa's Signature Pies!

Baked in a 10in. Pyrex glass dish with a filling of your choice. Perfect for any occasion!

$34 with a $9 deposit on dish (refundable when dish returned)  


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