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Each day we offer a wide selection of freshly baked pies. Our most popular pies, that are typically available every day, are marked with a star below. To submit a special order for a specific flavor, please call 24 hours in advance!


We cater lunches, dinners, weddings, business meetings, and provide box lunches.

To place a catering order please call us at (907) 677-7437.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are available in $30 and $27 values. They make the perfect gift for any loved one!

Blueberry Pie

Fruit Pies


​Dutch Apple​​

Apple Streusel ($30)

Marion (Black) Berry ($30)

Blueberry Rhubarb




​Red Raspberry ($30)


Raspberry Rhubarb

Strawberry Rhubarb*

Triple Berry​​*


Lemon Meringue Slice

More Pies

Key Lime*

Lemon Meringue ($30)



Lemon Cream


Pie Crimping

Alisa's Signature Pies

Alisa’s signature pies are baked in a glass pyrex pie dish—just like Grandma used to use! The glass dish absorbs heat particularly well, and we use extra butter, which ensures a golden brown and exceptionally flaky crust. Signature pies are 10” in diameter which is slightly larger than our standard 9” pies. Alisa’s Signature Pies are a great option for special events! Please order one day in advance.

$34 (+$9 refundable deposit)

Chocolate Whoopie Cream


Whoopie Pies $4*

​​​Small Cheesecake $12.00*

Large Cheesecake $49 add fruit for $5

Large Carrot Cake $ 38

​Small Carrot Cakes $12.00*

Peach Crisp $12.00*

Cookies $2.75*

​Brownies $3.50*

​Billionaire Bars $4.50*

Mini Banana Bread $4.00*

​​​Large Quiche $28 - BLT, Lorraine or Veggie.

Small Quiche $12

Large Pot Pies $28


Chocolate Cream

Cream Pies

Banana Cream*

Chocolate Cream*

Coconut Cream*

Peanut Butter Cream*

Made to order call to place an order in advance!


Pecan Pie

Special Pies

​Derby ($34)

Chocolate Pecan

Turtle ($34)

Sweet Potato

Royal Banana

Shoofly ($34)



Savory Cornish Pasty

Cornish Pasties, which are hand-held meat pies, originated as an easily-transportable lunch for silver miners in Cornwall England. They are baked with our homemade flaky pie crusts and filled with tasty ingredients including ground beef, diced potatoes, carrots, onions, rutabagas and parsnips.

Our savory options are ready for lunch at 11:30 AM! Please call ahead!


Espresso Shots


Available via our drive through window!

Cafe D’arte Espresso 

Drip Coffee

Indigo Teas

Red Bull Sodas

Lotus plant energy


coconut custard

Custard Pies

Coconut Custard*

Lemon Custard

​Egg Custard



Fruit Hand Pies







Hand Pies made to order call 1 day in advance!


Chicken Pot Pie

Savory Pot Pies

Monday - Chicken Pot Pie

Tuesday - Shepard's Pie 

Wednesday - Chicken Pot Pie & Cornish Beef Pasties

Thursday - Southwest Chicken Pot Pie

Friday - Chef's Choice & Cornish Beef Pasties

Large pot pies and unbaked or frozen pot pies/pasties made to special order call 1 day in advance!

Our savory options are ready for lunch at 11:30 AM! Please call ahead!


Dough Mixer


Gluten Free Crust, add $13 (via special order)


Sugar Free/Dairy Free, Sugar Free $13 and Dairy Free $10 (via special order)

Alisa's Signature Pies!

Baked in a 10in. Pyrex glass dish with a filling of your choice. Perfect for any occasion!

$34 with a $9 deposit on dish (refundable when dish returned)  


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