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Our Story


A Pie Stop is owned and operated by a grandfather-granddaughter duo, Steve and Alisa, who share a love for baking. Alisa first experienced the joys of a flour-dusted apron at four years old in her grandpa’s kitchen at the family’s Chokecherry Inn B&B in Fairbanks. In 2017, Steve purchased A Pie Stop to help realize Alisa’s dream of opening a bakery. Today, we offer a wide selection of Fruit Pies, Savory Cornish Pasties, Pot Pies, Quiche, and other sweet treats.

Each pie is made from scratch with fresh, seasonal, and locally-grown ingredients. And as every pie lover knows: it’s all in the crust! Over the years, we have perfected the ideal ratio of flour, butter, and shortening to achieve flaky, melts-in-your-mouth crust. Inside, perfectly balanced fillings let the fruit and vegetables shine.

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